Bridge Deck Assessment & Scan - Alamaba Department of Transportation
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 11:56AM
Matthew Wilbanks in Recent Projects


Southern Radar Imaging was recently contacted by the Alabama Department of Transportation concerning a deteriorating bridge deck. Build in 1949, the Elkmont, Alabama bridge is in need of repairs and in order for the Alabama DOT to get a better understanding of where the repairs will be most needed, project manager Matthew Willbanks of Southern Radar Imaging was called in to perform a thorough bridge scan.

Mr. Willbanks performed the scan and bridge assessment to get an idea of how much of the bridge’s concrete had been delaminated over the years. Southern Radar Imaging performed the scan in about two days and provided Alabama Department of Transportation manager Sean Butler with imaging scans and a full assessment report in about 3 business days.


Based on Southern Radar Imaging’s scan, a whole deck replacement of the bridge is possible but the repairs will more likely entail a partial deck removal, removing the bad concrete, and laying down an overlay.

Sean Butler of the AL DOT stated he was very happy with the results,

“I think Southern Radar Imaging is highly professional. They provided us with everything we needed and got the job done quickly…for what we had, if the situation arose again we would definitely use Southern Radar Imaging again in the future.”

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