McAllister Tool & Machine Calls on Southern Radar Imaging's Locating Services for Help
Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 03:45PM
Matthew Wilbanks in Recent Projects

The McAllister Tool & Machine Company in Huntsville, Alabama was suffering from a water drainage problem in their newly laid parking lot. To remedy the problem, they cut away some sections of the lot only to discover that the thickness of the asphalt varied in some spots. Ideally the asphalt’s thickness should be consistently two inches throughout its coverage. McAllister wanted to fix this problem before the asphalt contractor left so they recruited the help of Southern Radar Imaging. Southern Radar Imaging came in with an SIR 3000 ground penetrating radar and a 1500 MHz antennae (designed for shallow depths and high resolution). They scanned the entire lot, looking for variations within a six inch gravel base layer and a two inch asphalt top layer. The entire scan, processing, and reporting took about a day and a half. SRI identified two spots in the new asphalt that were thinner than the standard two inch thickness. McAllister’s asphalt contractor was then able to fix these spots ensuring that the entire lot was of even thickness, meeting standards and requirements. McAllister was very happy with Southern Radar Imaging’s results. This was a time sensitive issue needing to be resolved before the contractor could leave the job site. Southern Radar Imaging was quick to respond and quick to get the job done, all while supplying McAllister with an accurate scan and report.


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