Snow Shoe Mountain Condo Developer Hires Southern Radar Imaging for Indoor Inclusion Location Survey
Monday, October 8, 2007 at 01:42PM
Matthew Wilbanks in Recent Projects

Southern Radar Imaging, A ground penetrating radar and inclusion location service out of Athens, Alabama was recently hired by major condo developer Intrawest Placemaking. Intrawest has recently built new condo developments on the summit of Snow Shoe Mountain in Snow Shoe, West Virginia. Intrawest was in immediate need of radar detection services to locate rebar and conduit in the concrete slab of their newly constructed park structure.

Matthew Willbanks, business developer and project manager for Southern Radar Imaging was contacted by the principal engineer of the Snow Shoe project. The engineer needed the services of Southern Radar Imaging for an immediate survey. Matthew states…

“It was kind of hectic. I went from finding out about the job on a Wednesday morning, talked to the project manager from Snow Shoe, flew up Wednesday evening to look at the job and had a proposal to them by Thursday. We went to work for them on Monday. They needed the work fast and we got it to them.”

The Intrawest job consisted of scanning 3500 square feet of twelve inch concrete slab using a 1500 MHz indoor antennae. Intrawest Placemaking needed to avoid disturbing the previously set inclusions to maintain the structural integrity of their new development when making alterations to the concrete slab. Southern Radar Imaging scanned the slab and found rebar or conduit inclusions. Southern Raadar Imaging then marked the concrete in real-time. Southern Radar Imaging completed the first phase in 18 days, three days ahead of the set completion date.

“Intrawest was very happy with the work we performed in phase one and we’ll be coming back to Snow Shoe in early 2008 to complete phase two.”

Southern Radar Imaging has been in business since May of 2006 and has been rapidly growing. Southern Radar Imaging performs indoor and outdoor inclusion location services, bridge assessments, locating underground utilities, archaeological projects, and natural 3D geology imaging.

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