Southern Radar Imaging Contracted for the New Bridge Street Town Centre Development in Huntsville, Alabama
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 07:41PM
Matthew Wilbanks in Recent Projects

The Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsvillie, Alabama is a multi-million dollar, mixed-use lifestyle development that’s to be the hottest shopping center to be constructed in recent years. The new shopping center boasts over 70 upscale retailers and restaurants, including the 210-room Westin Huntsville hotel which includes 74 residential luxury condos. The property will also contain a new fourteen screen Monaco theater and a six-story office building. Aesthetic amenities such as a 10 acre lake with water craft rentals and green open park spaces are all set for a completion date around March of 2008.

A 550,000 square foot development project is no small matter and every structural detail must be inspected to preserve integrity for years to come. The Bridge Street Town Centre and the general contractors involved with the project needed the professional and expert assistance of the Southern Radar Imaging team (Kevin Jones, Matthew and Jason Willbanks) to perform radar imaging scans on the parking deck, restaurants, and Westin hotel. Southern Radar Imaging’s task was to locate all the post tension cables embedded within the concrete slabs of the development. The general contractors on the job had to run plumbing, electrical wiring, and fire safety sprinkler systems through the concrete slabs but had to be careful not the sever the tension cables to preserve the development’s foundation.

Southern Radar Imaging was called in to map all the post tension cables helping to guide the general contractors with various conduit installations. Southern Radar Imaging used a structure scan ground penetrating radar system with a 1500 MHz antenna to locate the cables which was the same system they successfully used on the Snow Shoe project in West Virginia.

Southern Radar Imaging’s Project Manager Matthew Willbanks states,

“we saved them a lot of time and money so everybody was happy with the project. We were called out several times by various contractors to perform scans on the site. We pretty much worked for every contractor involved with the project… throughout the project the need would arise to be on site as soon as possible and we would always arrive within 24 hours.”

Scanning a new development to preserve structural integrity is a time and money-saving preventative must. The Southern Radar Imaging team always seems to surpass expectations completing projects quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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