Welcome to Southern Radar Imaging

We are a corporation located in Athens, Alabama that performs indoor and outdoor ground penetrating radar imaging tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our service allows our clients to know the exact location of structural members such as rebar, conduit, or post tension cables buried within the slab. By using the Radar system, the need for expensive and dangerous X-Ray or blindly cutting into the concrete can be eliminated in many cases. This technique can also locate voids in the concrete and assist in structural analysis.

Southern Radar Imaging provides our clients with the highest quality services at affordable cost. At Southern Radar Imaging we pride ourselves on relaying to our clients the most cost effective way to perform the service being requested. We firmly believe that our client hires us for our knowledge and expertise.

At Southern Radar Imaging our clients are a valuable customer. We are continually listening and responding to what our clients have to say so we can offer our services to make our company better suited to our clients needs.